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Ioannis Anevlavis

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DiVA diva2:1537256
Masters Programme in Embedded Systems
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Software distributed shared memory (DSM) systems have been one of the main areas of research in the high-performance computing community. One of the many implementations of such systems is Argo, a page-based, user-space DSM, built on top of MPI. Researchers have dedicated considerable effort in making Argo easier to use and alleviate some of its shortcomings that are culprits in hurting performance and scaling. However, there are several issues left to be addressed, one of them concerning the simplistic distribution of pages across the nodes of a cluster. Since Argo works on page granularity, the page-based memory allocation or placement of pages in a distributedsystem is of significant importance to the performance, since it determines the extent of remote memory accesses. To ensure high performance, it is essential to employ memory allocation policies that allocate data in distributed memory modules intelligently, thus reducing latencies and increasing memory bandwidth. In this thesis,we incorporate several page placement policies on Argo and evaluate their impact on performance with a set of benchmarks ported on that programming model.