Final EPEEC video

EPEEC Event "Productivity at Exascale" 




2nd Workshop on Heterogeneous Memory Systems (HMEM 2021) 


Efficient and Eventually Consistent Collective Operations, by Roman Iakymchuk (Fraunhofer ITWM) at APDCM 2021


PROHEXA: Programming environments and models for improved productivity for heterogeneous Exascale Computing Systems workshop at HiPEAC 2021, with Antonio J. Peña (BSC)

Load balancing in AVBP: EPEEC/EXCELLERAT by Gabriel Staffelbach (CERFACS) at the First joint CoEs Technical Workshop 


Big Problems, Small Solutions Podcast about EPEEC with Antonio J. Peña (BSC)


1st Workshop on Heterogeneous Memory Systems (HMEM 2020) 



A Software Ecosystem to Save Money in DRAM and Increase Performance with Optane DIMMs by Antonio J. Peña (BSC) for the Intel HPC + AI Pavilion 


Exascale Matrix Factorization: Using Supercomputers and Machine Learning for Drug Discovery by Tom Vander Aa (IMEC) at POP CoE webinar


How does EPEEC affect our daily lives?

Antonio J. Peña on EPEEC (via HiPEAC)


More about supercomputing and HPC systems: