Success story: EPEEC partners with EXCELLERAT to develop Treeadapt, a new library and application for massively parallel mesh adaptation

A major hurdle in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the difficulty of achieving high quality grids due to the limitations and complexities of meshing software and the dependency to user experience. Mesh adaptation procedures have emerged as a solution to overcome these obstacles, but massively parallel mesh adaptation workflows are still insufficient and require efficient load balancing, accurate interpolation methods and fast remeshing techniques.

EXCELLERAT and EPEEC have joined forces to address this challenge, on the basis of the efficient mesh partitioning and load balancing library Treepart, developed within the EPEEC project. A team of CERFACS researchers were able to extend Treepart  creating an automatic mesh refinement framework called Treeadapt capable of generating a 1Billion element mesh in less than 30 min on 4096 Rome Epyc 2 cores.  

Figure 1: Close up of the injector for the adapted 1B element grid (Schmitt & Staffelbach)

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