EPEEC User Guide released in March 2022

EPEEC partners have been hard at work compiling a User Guide that serves as a single point of reference for any system administrator and/or application developer that wishes to take advantage of the programming models, tools, and enhancements developed. This guide is partly based on lessons learned from the interaction of application partners and their co-design efforts involved in the development of the various efforts within EPEEC. 

Each programming model and tool described in the EPEEC User Guide has two components: an installation guide and a usage guide. The Installation Guide provides instructions on accessing the code, dependencies to other software, and detailed step-by-step installation instructions. The usage guide is a more hands-on description of how to utilize a specific tool or model, with a simple code example. Figure 1 shows some of the code examples and scripts that will be included in the guide. 



Figure 1
Figure 1. Subset of code examples and scripts in the EPEEC User Guide


The EPEEC User Guide has been released at the end of March 2022 and includes the following components:

  • ecoHMEM
  • APPENTRA tools
  • OmpSs @ Cluster
  • OmpSs @ OpenACC
  • OmpSs @ OpenMP_Target
  • OmpSs Energy Aware Scheduler
  • OmpSs @ Tasking in accelerators
  • Extrae/Paraver support for OpenACC and GASPI

All of the aforementioned code can be found at the EPEEC dedicated channel here: github/epeec