EPEEC research contributes to a new PATC training course

After the two successful PRACE Advanced Training Centre (PATC) training courses co-organized by EPEEC in 2019 (on OpenACC and CUDA Programming), a new PATC tutorial, ‘Heterogeneous Programming on GPUs with MPI & OmpSs’ was held on 4-5 March 2020 in Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

The aim of the course was to motivate the audience on the need for portable, efficient programming models that put less pressure on program developers while still getting good performance for clusters and clusters with GPUs.

15 trainees attended the tutorial, which included a presentation by the EPEEC coordinator Antonio Peña. Research conducted within EPEEC featured among the contents of the course.

Slides of the presentation "Using heterogeneous memory systems" by Antonio Peña and Marc Jordà are available here.

Slides of the presentation "Heterogeneous memory systems" by Petar Radojkovic are available here.

The mission of the PRACE Advanced Training Centres (PATCs) is to carry out and coordinate training and education activities that enable the European research community to utilise the computational infrastructure available through PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe.