EPEEC organises training on parallelware tools

EPEEC organised the online training session 'Parallelware Tools: Ensuring parallel programming best practices for multicore CPUs and GPUs' on 23 February 2021, which was delivered by researchers from partner Appentra.


Manuel Arenaz (Appentra) during the training


The session, which was addressed to EPEEC researchers and BSC staff, had 17 attendees. The topics of the course included: 

  • Faster development of parallel software while ensuring compliance with best practices for parallel programming using SIMD/vector, multithreading and GPU offload.
  • A catalog of parallel programming best practices: Defects and recommendations.
  • Parallelware Trainer: Active learning of parallel programming using OpenMP and OpenACC.
  • Parallelware Analyzer: A static code analyzer specializing in parallelism.
  • Live demonstration of the Parallelware tools.
  • Hands-on session