EPEEC co-organises workshop on Heterogeneous Exascale Computing Systems at HiPEAC 2021

EPEEC, EPiGRAM-HS and Exa2pro organised a joint virtual workshop on 'PROHEXA: Programming environments and models for improved productivity for heterogeneous Exascale Computing Systems' on 18 January 2021 within HiPEAC 2021

After a keynote talk by Tobias Becker (Maxeler Technologies), titled 'Dataflow computing: Finding the right level of abstraction', overview presentations of the three projects and their results were given.

Antonio J. Peña (BSC), EPEEC coordinator, introduced EPEEC's programming environment and applications, objectives, challenges and expected impacts, as well as the work carried out in the project, its outcomes and the lessons learned to date.