ExHET 2022 : The 1st International Workshop on Extreme Heterogeneity Solutions
Seoul, South Korea

From April 2 until April 5 2022, the 1st International Workshop on Extreme Heterogeneity Solutions (ExHET) will take place in Seoul, South Korea.

Antonio Peña in representation of EPEEC project will give a keynote within a PPoPP workshop.

Keynote tite: "Toward Extreme Heterogeneity… but how?"

Abstract: The tradeoff between hardware specialization and energy consumption, tied to the energy limitations the community is hitting toward exascale computing and beyond, is slowly but unstoppably leading to ubiquitous heterogeneity. This includes not only co-processor accelerators but also memory/storage subsystems and networking elements. While applications see themselves often forced to include some sort of highly-tuned ninja codes to attain high use of resources, the entire software ecosystem (programming models, runtime systems, compilers, OS) is working towards providing efficient and ease-to-use abstractions. In this keynote Antonio J. Peña will review heterogeneity trends in HPC and several solutions/attempts to palliate the burden from application developers.

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